Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Towards a new Highway Code

This poignant passage from The Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce is relevant to our call for freedom to use our innate abilities on the road. "The early child cannot knowingly disobey a parent or wilfully misbehave. He can only obey the inborn intent that moves him, much as a puppet is moved by its strings. Arising from programmed, autonomic brain controls, a child’s intent literally impels his body into interaction with the physical world. Intelligence, like the body, can be injured or nurtured, stimulated or starved. What we as parents are called upon to do is to nurture, not supplant, the genetic plan which programmes the child’s development. In so doing we will find that most of our problems with children will never materialise. From infant psychosis to the generation gap, our problems with children are largely man-made, caused by ignoring nature’s plan." - Similarly, most traffic controls interrupt our concentration, demand our attention, force us to act against our better nature. If they just let us get on with it, they might find that most of our problems on the road would disappear. Same with referees on the football field. Most decisions can be made by players, in a spirit of fair play. If clarification is needed, let them use the instant technology upstairs.

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