Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Safer with automated traffic signals?

Approaching traffic signals, the first question you probably ask yourself is, Have I got a green, red or amber light? If it's green or amber, the second question is likely to be, Can I reach it in time? the third, Am I within the speed limit? the fourth, Is anyone in my way? If the light starts to change back to red, the fifth and sixth questions might be, Can I stop in time, and Shall I keep going? Add to that the inner conflict created by the wish to avoid another hold-up, so a seventh question might be, Can I make it over in time? Then, if there is no conflicting traffic, in which case, objectively, it would be safe to go, you might start looking out for cameras ... By contrast, FiT Roads (which advocates freedom to Filter in Turn) involves one simple question: Is it my turn to go? Which is more conducive to road safety?

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Natural said...

I imagine Filter in Turn could work, but I prefer automated traffic signals. Any time I have to rely on human emotions to decide if I should go or not, chances are it will never be my turn to go.